Blooming Grove Pharmacy works with your veterinarian to provide optimal care for your pets. Pharmacists John Pietsch and Martin Teich are members of ACVP (American College of Veterinary Pharmacists). We make prescriptions and products for animals that are not commercially available or provided by your veterinarian.

We also have the capabilities and equipment to make medicines for your pets that make it easier for you to give them their medication. One example is different flavored chewable treats which contain the medicine. Some of the flavors we can use are liver, tuna, salmon and peanut butter. We can compound prescriptions not only for your dogs and cats, but for your horses, reptiles and exotic birds.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us. Also if you veterinarian has any questions or needs to discuss medication for your pet, please feel free to have him or her call us as well. We're here to help!

veterinary compounding pharmacy